Announcement: shinty in England suspended until after 4 December

As many of you will have seen, England will be going into a period of national restrictions which will mean everyone is asked to stay at home unless going out for essential activities.

While exercise is permitted, sports facilities must close and exercising with more than one person from outside your household is not permitted.

The English Shinty Association (ESA) committee regrets that this will mean no group shinty activities from 5 November until after 4 December at the earliest.

The latest government announcement orders all sports facilities to close and for social gatherings to cease therefore club activity is suspended until the game is in a position to resume.

The government announcement made reference to returning to the Covid Alert Levels after the end of this period of lockdown, and should that be the case we hope that teams will be able to resume in line with our previously-issued COVID risk assessments.

It will take time to determine the best approach to reorganising activity and we ask that players and teams respect the need for the committee to work with the Camanachd Association and others to consider the next steps properly in light of the timing and extent of the upcoming break.

Through the lockdown in the summer and the brief period where we could meet in the late summer and autumn, the ESA community has come together in various ways to support each other, and has even seen our membership grow. As we now go into the next stage of restrictions the committee would like to encourage all members to continue to support each other's mental and physical well being, through social media, video calls and other activities permitted by government guidance.

The next few bleak months will be hard, but with the emerging light in spring 2021 we can plan for the best and prepare for the worst, and emerge refreshed and energised to develop the game and culture we all have passion for.


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