Oxford Shinty Club was formed in 2013 with the aim of breaking the two club dominance in England. Over the next couple of years, they have established themselves as a resilient club that are tough to beat. Oxford like Cornwall has brought a lot of new players to the sport through its loose links to the University. The current ESA captain is an Oxford player. Some of the senior players of the club make it into the ESA squad showing the progress the club has made in such a short space of time.

Oxford Shinty Club have played across the entirety of England across the various tournaments from Cornwall to London. They were also the first club to travel to the North. On October the 15th they will host their first 6's tournament. If you would like to train with the club, then feel free to come along to one of their training sessions every Sunday 3pm - 5pm at the Meadow Lane Pitches. 

Oxford's current committee:

Jo Claridge (Chairman) 

Christopher Jones (Secretary)

Neil Sutherland (Treasurer)

James Hoppy (Captain)

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