Cornwall traditionally had a history of playing shinty just like the rest of England but suffered a decline after the rise of Health and Safety.  Though in 2012 shinty in the Duchy saw a revival. Later that year Cornwall tapped into the local university population and the club flourished. It took a number of years for their first success and have since established themselves as one of the teams to beat in England.


Cornwall host the south west shinty league played around the local university term time. They also have a variety of training each week with their main training on Sunday's. 

Cornwall also host's a weekend of shinty around the Lowenderperan Festival where they invite the other clubs from England to the Duchy.

Their current committee are:

James Cranston (Chairman)

George Wickenden (Secretary)

Libby Walters (Treasurer)

Matt Mossop (Captain)

James Cranston (Vice Captain)

Vicky Lipscombe (Ladies Captain)

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